About us

NEAK Norges Eiendomsakademi Studier Taksering Byggeledelse Mesterbrev Eiendomsforvaltning

Vi build competence!

The Norwegian Real Estate Academy Inc. was founded March 2001. The Academy covers higher education in valuation, construction management and facility management for the Norwegian real estate industry. Web-supported education allows our students to work at their own pace, ask for help, change geographic locations and get involved with like-minded on chat-forums. 

The Norwegian Real Estate Academy also organizes day courses and seminars across the entire country. The Academy offers continuing professional development (CPD) for everybody in the real estate industry, such as lawyers, engineers, architects and valuers. The courses are recognized as CPD by various associations, such as The Norwegian Valuers and Surveyors Association (Norsk takst) and The Norwegian Bar Association (Advokatforeningen). 

The Norwegian Real Estate Academy aims to educate people in line with European standards and professional ethics. The academy caters to property owners interests by educating proficient real estate managers with economic, technical and juridical qualifications and skills. The Academy uses speakers from the real estate industry to always meet the latest updates. 



Valuation of residential properties, Valuation of commercial properties, Assessment of Value of insured damages, Valuation of agricultural properties, Construction management, Project management, Facility management and Property development.